We're on our 5th Season...

Graystone Haunted Manor:

Back in the 1800's, Dr. Grigor Von Graystone, his wife, and three children fled into exile from their homeland. They settled in Longview, Texas, and lived quietly in their Manor on the hill.

One Hallows Eve, something went wrong - terribly wrong. A green eerie glow had enveloped the manor. A deep low rumble drifted down from the hill and resonated to the very soul of the town. Then came a bright flash of light. The people of the town gathered their torches and pitchforks to ascend upon the Manor. The door stood wide open, overcome with fear most could not enter, only a few dared to go in. Dr. Von Graystones wife, Lucinda, stood lifeless in the kitchen. In the nursery the children were seen frozen in the midst of play. As they entered the next room, screams of terror erupted from the few. To their horror they viewed the nanny swinging by her neck from a noose. When they entered Dr. Von Graystones laboratory they found his notes on his desk and discovered that he had been experimenting in time travel. Graystone had created a time vortex machine.

The next day the town's people buried the bodies in Oak Raven Cemetery. They boarded up the house, and left the missing doctor for dead. Lately, strange things have been happening up at the Manor. The family it seems has returned, but not in human form, accompanied by dreadful and ominous spirits.

Come visit Graystone Haunted Manor, if you dare, and experience the Manor where the family lived and died. Or did they? Walk thru Oak Raven Cemetery where the departed never sleep. Take a trip through time and visit the very places where the doctor once stood. See the pyramids and riches of Egypt. Be a witness at the Salem Witch Trials. Sit in the electric chair at Alcatraz, take a walk through the Bayous of Louisiana then run through the streets of England where Jack the Ripper once prowled.

Oh and yes, the doctor will see you now ............





Also On Site We Have:


Tarot Card, Palm Reading, And Food and Drink are Available for an additional cost at each separate location.

Fear Is Here
20 Bucks Gets You Admission To All Attractions, Including "The Gatekeeper" show & Our Creepatorium Museum. Just 10 bucks more gets you to the front of the line!

Last ticket sold at ticket booth 30 minutes prior to closing.

Weather conditions may be cause for closure. Check this page or our Facebook page for up-to-date information regarding closures.

We're located at 13481 968 W. Longview, Texas 75602

From Shreveport/Marshall:

Go west on I-20, take exit 599 and go south back across I-20.

From Dallas/Longview:

Go east on I-20, take exit 599.

We are 2 miles east from the National Truck Stop & Sonic Restaurant on FM 968 on the Right Hand Side. There will be signs posted for the haunted house.

General Admission Tickets are $20 Per Person.

This includes admission to ALL THREE ATTRACTIONS ONCE: The Manor, Oak Raven Cemetery, and the Labyrinth of Time.

VIP Admission Tickets are $30 Per Person.

This includes FRONT OF THE LINE admission to ALL THREE ATTRACTIONS: The Manor, Oak Raven Cemetery, and the Labyrinth of Time.
PLUS, with our VIP Pass, you will receive one VIP Meal Combo* at the BONEYARD BISTRO.
Meal Combo

Midway Admission Tickets are $5 Per Person.

For those not brave enough to enter the attractions, we offer the Midway Admission which does not include admission to any of our 3 haunted attractions. We offer classic horror movies played throughout the evening (weather permitting) outdoor in our picnic area.
This pass is great for the parents or grandparents who want to spend time with their children or grandchildren as well as experience the atmosphere of our event, while avoiding entering any of our attractions.


*Meal combo allows a choice of one of the following choices:
Combo 1 = 1 Small Personal Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza, Chips, Drink, Brownie • Combo 2 = 1 Frito Pie, Drink, Brownie • Combo 3 = 1 Beef BBQ Sandwich, Chips, Drink, Brownie • Combo 4 = 2 Beef Soft Tacos, Drink, Brownie • Combo 5 = 1 Chili Dog, Chips, Drink, Brownie